Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Miss Veil - Three Years Ago Today

Miss Veil here ... Three years ago today I was adopted. 

 I was a little bit on the skinny side...

 Everything was new to me,

I spent a lot of time in here, just hanging out and watching what went on it this new place. It didn't take me too long to find out that being cute paid off and how to work on Mom and Dad with my soulful eyes.  To all those hounds out there still waiting for a home of their own...don't give up, the wait is sure worth it.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

365 Cherished Days

 Today is Maddy's Gotcha day.  One year ago tonight, we picked her up on load day to be her foster family.  We were told she was submissive, but what she was, was terrified.  When I got her out of the crate at the adoption group, she immediately was overwhelmed by the noise and people and flopped down on her side and shut down.  I knew she was going to need a lot of patience.  Especially when it came to men.  Darren worked hard at getting her to let him sit near her, finally being able to have her take a treat from him and let him touch her
without cowering ... by that time, we knew we weren't fostering her anymore, she was home.

 The first day at home.

It wasn't always easy and truthfully, there were times when I wondered if we were going to make it through, although I would never have said it out loud.  I find that even her looks have softened over the last year.  The distrusting look in her eyes has been replaced with happiness, most of the time.  She hasn't had a fearful "episode" in months and when she does have one, it's much shorter in time and lessened in severity.  Maddy, although the youngest, has become the leader of the pack too, she is Veil's hero for some reason and they have made up little games with apparently very specific rules that don't include boys, but she and Beckett like to play biteyface together.  She is like that little girl who everyone wanted to be friends with and was as comfortable playing with dolls as she was riding dirt bikes.  She is also that "rare" greyhound who barks loudly and looks after the household security. 

 Happy Gotcha Day Maddy!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Gurgling going on!

Hi all! Beckett here...  Mama has been trying to give me supplements called green lipped mussel and glucosamine to fix up my joint pain. She SAID they would make me feel better!! Since I have started taking them I had tummy trouble.  Yesterday I had a really bad tummy ache and lots of gurgling going on and I didn't eat all day.  I blame it on those supplements and Mama says she won't make me take them anymore, for a while anyway, til I get back to normal, digestively.  It sounds like I ate a squaking little animal down there!

Fallen Leaves

Looks like we have some work to do! 

If you would like to come visit, feel free to bring a rake.  Leaves will be supplied.

or maybe we can just wait for the wind to take some of them away.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love the fall colours.  It seems to make the perfect background for photos. Veil, Beckett and Maddy hope everyone gets out to enjoy the day! 

 The trees on our road and around our house are beautiful right now.  I don't enjoy them as much when they have to be cleaned up though...

 Maddy shows off her sit.  She is the only one of my greys who actually is comfortable looking when she sits.

 And also the only one who would lay down on the ground...

The neighbour's dog seems to have decided to take himself for a walk... he didn't decide to stop for a visit.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pretty in Pink but Feeling Blue

Hey There, Miss Veil here!  I'm feeling a little blue because I'm not going to Dewey Beach to meet some greyhound friends.  Mom says maybe next year and that I have to get my passport in order first.  I don't know why I need one...I was born in the United States after all! 

Anyway, this is not a pink blanket I'm on in the picture, it's the material for my new winter coat.  Mom bought it and some flannel to make a nightie for me too.  She had better hurry cause the weather network says flurries on Thursday.  I think it's way too soon for that, the leaves haven't even all fallen off the trees yet!