Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Stuffy Mi-grey-shun!

Miss Veil here today to tell you about some strange happenings at our house.
This morning it was only 4 degrees (celcius, of course) and soon it will be time for those Canadian Geese to fly south. We have been having a bit of a migrating issue here with our stuffies and toys.

Every day Mom picks them up and puts them in the toy baskets and when she comes home from work - they have gone to the east side of the house and piled themselves all up in the bedroom. They seem to be trying to get in the closet. Apparently toys migrate west to east!

I am usually (OK, always) asleep when this takes place so I asked Maddy if she had seen or heard anything.

Veil: So Maddy, did you see the toys come in here with us today?

Maddy: Yes, and I tried to wake you up by tugging on the bedskirt of the bed so's not to scare them off. Then that horrible little hedgehog saw me gently pulling on it and he came over and tore it. Now, I know he and I have had issues in the past, but that was uncalled for. Make sure you tell Mom that you saw that, will you.