Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Break

Today is a day just for the hounds...After all the holiday stuff was done,  I decided the laundry and dishes and all the other things that build up could wait a few hours and we would just have some fun.  I felt a little guilty about the time they spent alone over the weekend, usually we are with them most of the time on the weekends so I'm sure they had a little cabin fever.  We went for a walk and then I let them off leash in the back yard.  Only Maddy really let loose and went for a run but I wasn't successful in getting a good photo of it... I did get a lot of pictures of nothing, because she had already ran through the frame before I snapped it.

You got Zuke's in your pocket, don't you! I'm not leaving your side.

Maddy, pretending she's a pointer.

A happy hound.

Now they are all crashed out in various places around the house, and I guess I have no excuse for not doing those chores that have to be done, except they can look so comfortable it kind of makes a nap sound good too.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got to do fun things with those you love most!