Friday, 8 July 2011

Doing the Herbal

Hello everyone, Maddy here.  Mama said I could write the post today cause I was wondering if any other dogs out there have nightmares?  Sometimes I wake up really scared  and nervous like I've had a bad dream.  I take herbal calmer to keep my anxiety in check.  I've come along way since I got here last October but I still have some "episodes" if I don't take my herbal stuff.  When Mama brought me here, I was only supposed to stay until someone else adopted me.  This was supposed to be my foster home. It only took a day or so for Mama and Dad to decide I was staying put and I was happy to hear it.  Dad put a lot of work into helping me get over my fears of men.  I still don't like strange men to speak to me until I get used to them being around; sometimes they can be very forward and I don't appreciate it but what's a girl to do.