Friday, 8 July 2011

Doing the Herbal

Hello everyone, Maddy here.  Mama said I could write the post today cause I was wondering if any other dogs out there have nightmares?  Sometimes I wake up really scared  and nervous like I've had a bad dream.  I take herbal calmer to keep my anxiety in check.  I've come along way since I got here last October but I still have some "episodes" if I don't take my herbal stuff.  When Mama brought me here, I was only supposed to stay until someone else adopted me.  This was supposed to be my foster home. It only took a day or so for Mama and Dad to decide I was staying put and I was happy to hear it.  Dad put a lot of work into helping me get over my fears of men.  I still don't like strange men to speak to me until I get used to them being around; sometimes they can be very forward and I don't appreciate it but what's a girl to do. 


  1. Maddy, Mom says to ask your mom if she's sure that you're not having seizures sometimes during the night. Treat who used to live here had epilepsy, and her seizures left her feeling very disoriented afterwards. It's just something for your mom and dad to think about and pay attention to.

    Veil, that grass idea is genius! I asked for something like that for Christmas for Lilac, but Mom said it was only for little dogs. But I read a blog today about a dog who lives on a boat and he had his own grass area on the boat, so I think it could, and should, be done!


  2. Glad you are getting more comfortable, Maddy.

  3. Sorry about the nightmares. :( None of my hounds have really experienced this. If I get up and leave the bedroom in the middle of the night to get a drink of water or use the bathroom sometimes Maggie will pace and pant heavy until I return. Maybe a Thundershirt would help with the anxiety. This works great for Maggie's fear of storms. Good luck!