Sunday, 29 January 2012

Security Breach

Breaking News!!  Greyhound Security System Malfunctions.
The greyhound security system malfunctioned this morning, allowing an unknown intruder to wander freely around the premises.  Chief Maddy, what was the reason for this?
Maddy:  I was undercover at the time, while I had left my second in command, Veil on security detail.  Apparently there was a breakdown in communications as she thought she was also supposed to be undercover. 

Beckett was on an important patrol, in the kitchen supervising the cookies being baked.

What we know for sure is that it was a male, of the canine variety, who appeared to be a very nosy guy.  Possibly a peeping tom (for sure a peeing tom).  Beckett has done his best to cover up all the signs of his arrival on the scene – the shrubs, the fence, the siding on the garage, the big tree in the front yard.  It appears from the tracks he left behind that he looked in the front door, went up the back steps, around the garage, behind the fence and across the front yard. 

We are not sure what he was looking for but Miss Veil is wondering if he is a fan who saw her modelling her sweater and came calling. 

Again, we do not know anything for sure at this time, but will keep you updated if he comes back.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sweater Girl

I finally finished Miss Veil's sweater; I'm not sure if she was impressed or not...

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wanted: 6 pairs of ice skates, size greyhound

This is what our back yard looks like...

It is not fit for hound nor human; unless we take up figure skating.

Looks like we will doing our business while walking on the road tonight.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Whose Turn Is It?

When you have a multiple dog household, they need to be able to handle taking turns; especially when it's time to go out to pee.  Lately, because it's been cold out, I take them out one at a time so when they are done, they don't have to wait around for someone else to find the perfect spot to do their business.  Everything goes well, as long as Beckett goes second.  Not first and not third, second.  The other night, when I got home, Beckett had a little story to tell me...

Beckett:  Dad took us out, but he did it wrong.

Me:  What do you mean "wrong"?  Didn't you go to the bathroom?

Beckett: Yes, but... Maddy went first and then when it was my turn, he didn't take me.  He took Veil. I went LAST, that's not right, is it? I tried to tell him, but he didn't appreciate it. 

Me:  Well, that doesn't make it wrong, just not the way we do it when I'm home.  You all got to go out, so really what is the difference anyway?  You have to take turns.

Beckett:  Taking turns is fine as long as every other time is "mine". 

So this is why Beckett goes "second".  If he goes out first, he is fine when Veil or Maddy goes next, but when she comes in, he thinks it is his turn again. That is what "taking turns" means to him...

Now Maddy takes over the story...

Maddy:  Beckett had a hissy fit when Dad took Veil out instead of him.  Don't worry though, I looked after it.

Me:  You looked after it? 

Maddy:  Yes, I chased him around and barked at his head until he settled down.

Me:  Well that really wasn't necessary, was it?  I think maybe you were just having fun at his expense.

Maddy:  No, I was teaching him, honest.

Miss Veil wants everyone to know that she was just being a perfect little lady during it all.


Thursday, 19 January 2012

Indoor Games

Anyone driving by my house probably thinks I've lost my mind (unless they are neighbours - then they are most likely used to it); maybe I should close the blinds.  When it's really cold out, we play "indoor games" which seems to entail alot of me running around and since from outside they can't see the hounds running around to find me, it might look kind of strange. 

We play hide and seek, (or mostly "find me") or find-it, where I hide treats for them to find.  

 Maddy and Beckett will play fetch but not for long - soon they start to look at me and say "Mom, if you are so happy when we bring it to you - why do you keep throwing it away again?".

Monday, 16 January 2012

Hurry up Mom!

I am attempting to knit Veil a sweater.  She is impatiently waiting, since our winter decided to make an appearance afterall.

I got the pattern for it here... but I didn't rib it all the way as the pattern said.  I wasn't sure if I could figure out how to do that the right way since I haven't knit much for quite awhile.  If this one fits, I'll try it again the proper way, as it does look alot better ribbed all over.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bed Lunch

Hey there, this is Beckett today.  I don't get to use the laptop very often so you don't hear from me very much but I wanted to tell about the fix we found for my tummy upset.  Who knew that a "bed lunch" could solve it!!  I love my food so I have to tell you this "bed lunch" thing is a great invention.  I used to wake up the house at 4:30 am with my gurgling stomach and by breakfast time at 6 am, sometimes I wouldn't be able to eat because I felt sick.  Apparently I have something Mom calls a fast metabolism.  Since Mom didn't always feel like getting up at 4:30 am to make my breakfast, now I get a bite before bed and so far, no more tummy troubles and I am even taking the green lipped mussel supplement everyday. Anything that is fixed by more eating is a good thing to me!  By the way, in case you were wondering, I eat 3 and 3/4 cups of food a day divided in three, and I weigh 82 pounds, which is only 7 pounds over my racing weight. 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Resolution rescue

Well, it looks like I haven't kept up my resolution to blog more often, since it is a week into the new year and this is my first post of 2012.

It's hard to believe that these pictures are from January in Atlantic Canada.  We haven't even had to use the snowblower on the driveway yet.

Maddy-- **Honest, you can let me go!  I'll just check out those deer tracks over there and come right back...***

We did get a little bit of snow the other day, just enough to make the ground white.

 Miss Veil, with her new hat that I knit for her.  Her little head is so small that the hood of her coat lets the wind in.  Hopefully this will keep her ears warmer. I found a pattern for a sweater for greyhounds that looks fairly easy, so I have started on one for her.  We will see how that goes...

Veil -- **Look Mom, how much faster I can spin without all that wind resistance.**

Beckett is always looking for someone, or anyone, to play with him.

Beckett--**Where did they go now?  Those girls are no fun...maybe I need a little brother...**