Sunday, 8 January 2012

Resolution rescue

Well, it looks like I haven't kept up my resolution to blog more often, since it is a week into the new year and this is my first post of 2012.

It's hard to believe that these pictures are from January in Atlantic Canada.  We haven't even had to use the snowblower on the driveway yet.

Maddy-- **Honest, you can let me go!  I'll just check out those deer tracks over there and come right back...***

We did get a little bit of snow the other day, just enough to make the ground white.

 Miss Veil, with her new hat that I knit for her.  Her little head is so small that the hood of her coat lets the wind in.  Hopefully this will keep her ears warmer. I found a pattern for a sweater for greyhounds that looks fairly easy, so I have started on one for her.  We will see how that goes...

Veil -- **Look Mom, how much faster I can spin without all that wind resistance.**

Beckett is always looking for someone, or anyone, to play with him.

Beckett--**Where did they go now?  Those girls are no fun...maybe I need a little brother...**


  1. Everyone looks so cute in their coats. Beckett is particularly handsome in the green plaid. It has been VERY mild here in northern Indiana this year. I know we'll get something eventually...but, we ain't got it yet.

  2. They all look so comfy in there coats. It's just so weird not having any snow here in Ontario and you guys usually have a lot more out east. I'm sure it eill hit eventually.

  3. It's been very mild for us here, too! After last year, there are no complaints. All three of you look great in your coats! Veil, that hat is adorable. You're very lucky -- last year Mom got me a pink sock monkey hat. That's just insanity!


  4. Loving the unseasonably warm weather. What cute coats everyone has. Sometimes I blog a couple times a week, sometimes a couple times a month. Just depends on if my kids do anything picture worthy :)

  5. Dogs all bundled up never fail to make me smile. I am thankful for the lack of snow where I am at this winter... poor Pearl hates her coat almost as much as she hates the cold. Yours all look so cozy and content :)

  6. They all look so cute in their coats and hats. Love the pic of Beckett with his ears up, and Veil's purple hat! It is a very mild winter here in south Louisiana too. It's 75°F here today and feels like April. We rarely get snow, but we do get temps in the 30s and 40s at this time of year, normally.

  7. Funny, it's unseasonably wet here in New Zealand. So much for Summer! While it's not cold it just won't stop raining. We just got wet on our evening walk and it's been raining most of the afternoon. Weird, huh!

    The kids coats are so warm looking and Veil's hat is stunning. How do you find time to knit? I've thought of knitting Beryl a coat but I think Frankie would make sure it didn't stay in one piece for long. Perhaps I should start off with a snood?