Monday, 29 April 2013

A Walk in the Park

Miss Veil here (hope you still remember me, since Mum hasn't helped me post anything for a whole month!)

Anyway, on Sunday, Mum and I went to the Rotary Park for a walk around the trails.  It was a beautiful day, I guess spring is finally here.

I posed for a few photos to make Mum happy. There was a Girl Scout party at the Lodge, so lots of squealing going on and I saw them taking a huge cake inside.  I thought Girl Scouts like cookies...

Beckett let me borrow his ears... I used them as best I could! It's a lot of work holding these up, you know.

There was lots to see and smell and hear!  Spring...what took you so long???

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Deccy and KC arrive in Canada!

Beckett here today, giving you an update on Deccy & Beccy's Excellent Adventure.

On the day we were to pick up Declan and KC at the dock in Saint John, the limo driver I had hired was late.  Apparently he had to call his insurance agent.  Something about the liability of carrying 4 greyhounds and a cat in his car.

Eventually we arrived at the cruise ship, but Deccy and KC were nowhere to be found.  We did meet up with KC, who said that Declan has gone off to the Sardine Factory to get a few treats...

Once he came back, we all got to know one another in the fur.  After some sniffing, we made our way to Nanny's house, where KC is spending her week.

We were all exhausted, but the girls, Veil, Maddy and KC appeared to be getting along famously.  I fear this does not bode well for Deccy and I. They seem to be pretending to sleep while hatching some plan...Anyway, I was too exhausted to worry about that at the time.

While we are waiting for Mum to turn up with the Mustang, Nanny Jean showed Deccy around her home town of Sussex. Apparently it has the nickname of Cow Town, as it is a major producer of dairy products. Nanny thought this would be of particular interest, what with Deccy being a Bloo Moo dog. he couldn't resist having his photo taken with the famous Sussex Cows.......

Declan and I got an early start the next morning...I thought it was nice that the girls were so interested in seeing us off... although they were giggling immensely.

Later on we discovered why!

We made our way to Cape Breton, although the first night our reservations somehow got mixed up by the hotel and we ended up sleeping in the car in the parking lot of a somewhat questionable take-out, we were off on our adventure the next morning. Note:  Two greyhounds sleeping in a small car after eating boiled coloured eggs and sardines is not a good mix.

We started our sight-seeing tour...

and went out on a whale-watching boat.  The deck was a bit slippery and I may have gotten a little dizzy....

 We ended up getting up close and personal with the whales.

Well, that's all for now, hopefully my brindles dry out soon and we find a place to sleep tonight...