Sunday, 29 January 2012

Security Breach

Breaking News!!  Greyhound Security System Malfunctions.
The greyhound security system malfunctioned this morning, allowing an unknown intruder to wander freely around the premises.  Chief Maddy, what was the reason for this?
Maddy:  I was undercover at the time, while I had left my second in command, Veil on security detail.  Apparently there was a breakdown in communications as she thought she was also supposed to be undercover. 

Beckett was on an important patrol, in the kitchen supervising the cookies being baked.

What we know for sure is that it was a male, of the canine variety, who appeared to be a very nosy guy.  Possibly a peeping tom (for sure a peeing tom).  Beckett has done his best to cover up all the signs of his arrival on the scene – the shrubs, the fence, the siding on the garage, the big tree in the front yard.  It appears from the tracks he left behind that he looked in the front door, went up the back steps, around the garage, behind the fence and across the front yard. 

We are not sure what he was looking for but Miss Veil is wondering if he is a fan who saw her modelling her sweater and came calling. 

Again, we do not know anything for sure at this time, but will keep you updated if he comes back.