Saturday, 15 October 2011

Gurgling going on!

Hi all! Beckett here...  Mama has been trying to give me supplements called green lipped mussel and glucosamine to fix up my joint pain. She SAID they would make me feel better!! Since I have started taking them I had tummy trouble.  Yesterday I had a really bad tummy ache and lots of gurgling going on and I didn't eat all day.  I blame it on those supplements and Mama says she won't make me take them anymore, for a while anyway, til I get back to normal, digestively.  It sounds like I ate a squaking little animal down there!


  1. Tee hee! You sure like to keep your mama on her toes!

    Mom said that when she was giving glucosamine to us here, she had to make low sodium beef or chicken broth and pour it over the powder or nobody would eat it. I don't think it gave anybody a rumbly tummy by itself, though!


  2. Beryl gets a rumbly, gurgling tummy sometimes and it sure is loud! Then she has to eat some grass, and usually comes right after a while. Hope your tummy is back to normal by now, Beckett.