Monday, 10 October 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love the fall colours.  It seems to make the perfect background for photos. Veil, Beckett and Maddy hope everyone gets out to enjoy the day! 

 The trees on our road and around our house are beautiful right now.  I don't enjoy them as much when they have to be cleaned up though...

 Maddy shows off her sit.  She is the only one of my greys who actually is comfortable looking when she sits.

 And also the only one who would lay down on the ground...

The neighbour's dog seems to have decided to take himself for a walk... he didn't decide to stop for a visit.


  1. Thanksgiving?? what are you Canadian or something?.. oh wait you are. Me too.. I just live state side. Beautiful pics. I love the colors of Canadian fall.

  2. Lovely photos. Some of our trees have just started changing colors here. Mostly the leaves are dead on the trees from lack of water.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Veil, Maddy and Beckett! I hope you're having a great holiday.

    Your Autumn photos are spectacular! You have much better color than we do right now.

    Oh, and the collars you've seen in my Dewey pictures so far aren't new. They're ones I already had and took with me, but I did get some new ones that are awesome! I was very disappointed in the Around the Hounds party, though. I think she forgot that hounds want collars and not lotion. She didn't even have the pink toile that we've both been drooling over! There was only one pink pattern, and it was one I already have. I was SO disappointed, but I found other collar vendors who had great stuff!