Sunday, 17 July 2011

Treat Time Again

Hi, Veil here at the command, just the way I like it!  We were all out of the peanut butter pumpkin treats Mom made last time so it was imperative that she get something going in the oven this early this morning, at least to us three anyway.  I don't know about you but I don't like to see the bottom of the treat container. Today she said she was going to make up something new for us to try, I was kinda worried because treats are important you know. But I will say I like the new recipe, Banana Blueberry Oatmeal.

While they were in the oven, we got brushed outside.  This hot weather is making us shed more than a greyhound normally would, so better to take it off outside than on the just de-haired couch.  It going to be a hot day today so we are relaxing inside.

You can see my indent in the dog bed, but I'm not there...

I say if your gonna have a lazy day, might as well do it on the real bed.


  1. Veil, you and I think so much alike, it's scary! I don't like to see the bottom of the treat jar, either. I definitely prefer a real bed over a dog bed on the floor! As a matter of fact, I sleep right next to Mom on the real bed every night.

    You know, I went back and looked to see if you and I might be related. I couldn't find any relatives we had in common, but you are related to Lilac! You're distant cousins, but related. Her racing name was WW Line. Mine was Bank On Benefit. Anyway, what a small world!


  2. I like small world discoveries. It's great that your make your own treats. Something we will have to try sometime.

  3. Bunny, I sleep next to Mom too Bunny! Sometimes Beckett tries to take my spot, but that is MY spot, so no sleeping will be done til I get it. Cool that I am related to Lilac! I see you and I were both born in November 2006 too!

    JCP - it's actually quite easy once you get started doing the homemade treats. I like it because I know exactly what is in them and I make enough to last two weeks at at time.

  4. Those treats look and sound good enough for everyone to eat:) I must get back into making treats for my kids. Have been slack lately. I know Beryl will eat anything I cook, Frankie as easy to please.

    Beryl has recently been allowed to sleep on my bed with me and Frankie too. She takes up more room than both of us though, lol!