Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Much Better day!

We just got back from an hour long hike through the new subdivision off of our road.  It's a great place to walk; no traffic and the odd bunny or squirrel to see.

Maddy was feeling back to her normal, happy self today.

Beckett and Veil check out some construction workers...

Maddy was still ready to play when we got home but Veil said she needed to take a break...

and Beckett practiced some downward doga with his favorite red ball.

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  1. Glad Maddy is feeling better and you were able get out on a nice hike.

  2. I'm glad Maddy is feeling better! That hike sounds pretty good to me. Hiking is my favorite!


  3. Glad Maddy is feeling better. Love the downward dog.

  4. I'm glad Maddy is better too:) Nothing like a good hike to clear the cobwebs and make happy, tired dogs.

  5. Everyone looks like that had a great time. We love to see bunnies when we walk.