Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Dog Days of Summer

Happy Saturday!

Miss Veil:  It sure is a hot day...too hot to do much more than lay in the shade!

Maddy has that activity covered!

Except for when you have company come over, like these two little bunnies.  It would be rude not to greet them.

Even Beckett took a break from playing with his birthday ball (he turned 8 last week).

I don't see the attraction he has with it... the bunny rabbits look much more fun to me!


  1. Beautiful photos! Stay cool guys!

  2. You enjoy your weekend everyone! Deccy x

  3. Beautiful pictures! Happy Birthday, Beckett! Those are some very brave daredevil bunnies!!

  4. Dastardly bunnies! We have one that keeps coming in our yard. I've told the little guy (or gal) that's not a good idea. Let's see if he/she takes my warning. Listen to me or the "enforcers" will get you.

  5. *gasp* I missed Beckett's birthday?! Oh no! Beckett, I hope it was a great birthday! *sends a birthday kiss*

    Those rascally rabbits! Gosh darn them! They're bold as brass here, too!

  6. Looks like you're all keeping fairly cool over there... :-) Beautiful photos of all of you...

    Love from Solo and Krissy xx