Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fascinating Rabbits

Maddy:  I've come to save you Little Rabbit....I don't know who pinned you up by the ears, but you are safe now!!

Veil and Maddy have been fascinated this week by another kind of bunny, which seems to have called our yard their own...

The little guy appears to be in a dilemma.  This is not the safe side of the fence....

Oh Hello, need help down there???


  1. Maddy! Who did that to your toys! I'll bet they're all horrible and fresh smelling. Yuck!

    I don't like bunnies in the yard. We have gaps until our fence, so if they're not too far in or they're particularly lucky, they can escape. My fear is always that Freedom, Casper or Nikki will skin themselves trying to follow. So far this year we have had zero bunny deaths. I hope that number holds. Freedom, Casper & Nikki would disagree with that sentiment.

  2. Perhaps pink bunny could do an exchange visit with brown bunny....

  3. I am glad we don't have bunnies in our garden!

  4. Maddy obviously likes to get her bunnies without too much effort ;) Since your bunnies arrived our bunnies have left. We used to often have a couple on our front lawn. I'm sure they'll come back. My fence isn't very good but it's good enough to keep Beryl in. Frankie can get under the gate but he now knows I'd rather he didn't and the last couple of times a rabbit has gone under the gate he hasn't followed, yay Frankie! Which doesn't mean he will never go under the gate again though!

  5. I know that innocent helpful look on your two needlenose faces will convince the bunny that you want to be friends, but friends with bunny fur are chasing friends!

  6. Zephyr and Astro are so jealous!