Friday, 29 March 2013

Deccy & Beccy's Excellent Adventure...

Beckett here again...

I've got my driver licence....sort of.  Well, anyhow, the Cabot Trail is a circle so there shouldn't be any need to reverse.  Unless, Declan and I take a wrong turn...but, what are the chances of that, right!

Declan is on the ship on his way to Canada.  Seems like he and KC are having fun on the high seas.  If you are on facebook, stop by and say hello at

Ok, gotta go and practice reversing, just in case.


  1. Yes you better get practicing! I want you reverse parking by the time I get there... It's an automatic for Dog's sake; how difficult can it be... ;-) Right I'm off for a bit of relaxation.... Deccy x

    1. You better relax...the trip might have a bit of white-knuckled driving...

  2. That's not a real license! The picture is too good!

  3. I'm going to be on the edge of my seat with my Mum! This is very exciting! :-)

    Big WOOFS for Beckett and Cousin Deccy (oh, and KC!) from Solo :-)

    Solo xxx

  4. you be careful on the roads now!