Sunday, 16 December 2012

Dear Santa...

Miss Veil here again...

I know this may be a little late and all, but we hounds here have had a meeting and decided to change what we asked you for...please apologize to the elfs for us in advance.

I know I asked for a new collar and coat and Maddy asked for a coat that doesn't make her go electric and a octopus and Beckett asked for the loudest squeaky toy you had and a new bouncy ball...but perhaps some other houndies could use those??

The only thing that we all decided that we wanted to leave on our list is "time".  Time to spend curled up with Mum and Dad, getting belly rubs and ear scratches.  Time to play "find me" inside when its too cold out and walks in the snow when its not, and time just being cozy and relaxed and most importantly, all together.

If you could see fit to maybe drop the other things we asked for at a shelter somewhere, I'd would be grateful for that.

 Miss Veil, Beckett and Maddy

P.S.  Oh, that sweater that Mum is trying to knit for can probably take that too...although finding a hound that it will actually fit might be too difficult for this short notice.


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Santa brought you those gifts you asked for and some time! Maybe he needs to bring some boots for Beckett, too... Just saying!


    1. BOL, he has boots Bunny, but he's no better off with them on, believe me.
      Miss Veil

  2. Miss Veil, do you think Santa could really bring that?? That's what we want, too. Oh, and more hiking, please...

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. I bet you get everything on your list. You are so sweet thinking of all the other hounds.

  4. That's what were asking for around here too, Miss Veil. We love our time together.

  5. How nice of you to think of others. That's a beautiful new list for Santa. :)

  6. That is what's on my kids' Xmas list too. Think we will all go snuggle on the couch and watch a movie now.