Monday, 3 September 2012

Veil's Trip to Nanny's

Miss Veil went with me to her "Nanny" and "Grampy"'s house on Sunday.  She says the couch passed the inspection and received the greyhound seal of approval.

She is a little embarrassed for me to tell you that she had to be carried up the steps to get in the house.  Apparently none of the three entrances were acceptable for the princess to attempt to walk up herself.  After the backwards tumble she took down our steps last week, I am surprised she is willing to go up and down them at home.

Mum, I though I asked you NOT to tell that!

Beckett and Maddy seem to be putting their heads together on how to get Veil back for going without them. I've never seen them lay on a bed together before. Better sleep with both eyes open, Miss Veil.


  1. What a nice special day for Veil, even if there were stairs. Don't worry Veil, we all take a tumble at some point.

  2. It does appear that Maddy & Beckett are conspiring. Are you sure that the "plan" is for Miss Veil? It might be for their Mommy who took Miss Veil. Be careful.

  3. I told Beckett that a princess should be carried! I see you took it to heart, Miss Veil. Way to represent for royalty!


  4. Errrr, I'm wondering if it's a double bluff... could Maddy & Veil be conspiring against Beckett and Maddy is just giving him a false sense of security....? You know what girls are like Beckett mate. You need Dad on your side! Hehe! Deccy x

  5. Oh the Drama! It's like 'The Real Greyhounds of New Brunswick' :) And your kids are welcome to board at my house anytime.

  6. Glad that sofa was acceptable Miss Veil. It must be quite a task to carry a Greyhound up some steps, I think I am spoiled carrying mine :)
    Oooh, hope the revenge isn't too harsh.
    Lynne x

  7. Aw, stairs are always difficult for long dogs! I agree with Dip-Dip, carrying a greyhound is quite a task!

  8. Miss Veil, Scout says she understands. She will NOT walk up the steps to the RV without help.

  9. Oh, how embarrassing. But that's okay, Miss Veil, we all need a little help sometimes. :)

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  11. i found your blog on Deccy's blog today. your babies are beautiful. i chose this one to comment on because the two on the bed together are the same colors as my dogs. baby is blond and a hound, Jake is boxer mix and brindle. your black and white photos are awesome, and your header is precious.give them all 3 a hug from Florida

  12. This step thing is a conspiracy to keep us from becoming too complacent when we go to a new place. We must keep out minds on the greyhounds and then when we are doing that, the greys will navigate the steps!