Saturday, 14 July 2012


Beckett: I already played with all those toys... I'm bored. This heatwave is cramping my social life.  I don't even have the energy to get up off this couch.

Mom:  Well, you had lots of energy earlier, where did it go?  Maybe the early morning squeak fest took it?
(**warning - video sound may cause excitement in some hounds, just not this one right now**)



  1. Ha! That first picture is great! All those toys and nothing to do. You sure did show that squeaky toy who's boss Beckett! Loved the part where your butt was in the air. lol!

  2. A couple of my boarders wanted to squeak my Macbook when I started playing the video.

  3. You were right. Nikki jumped up and Casper came over. Freedom's hiding out in the bathroom because we're have a thunderstorm right now.

  4. Wow, 2 full baskets of toys, you are very lucky hounds.
    Elliot showed great interest in the squeaking, LOL.
    Lynne x

  5. Lol, I thought Frankie was going to jump up onto my computer desk! Beryl hasn't stirred from my bed:)

    Darn video wouldn't show up on my iPad:( I'm probably doing something wrong! So had to go check it out on the iMac. Frankie is glad I did!

  6. Oh Beckett! We completely understand! It's hot and boring here, too. Kuster likes the sound of your squeakers a lot! BOL! I might play the video again for him -- oh, Mom says I'd better not!


    P.S. I'm glad you were able to jump in the time machine and get back on Facebook! ;)

  7. Mum has just played me your video and I didn't even raise my head from the sofa.... Deccy x

  8. Aww, poor Beckett! It is REALLY hot right now, so I don't blame him!

  9. Hello, you three. Mum just played that squeaky toy video and I leapt off the sofa (where I was having a nice, revivifying nap) and stood to attention in front of the computer! Darn! :-)