Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hound in the City

Hi Everyone!  Veil here to tell you about my trip to City Hall today. 

After I "christened" the lawn in front of City Hall, I met this guy hanging out by the fountain.  First I thought they had a greyhound sculpture but upon further inspection, the tail just doesn't seem right.

Not sure why they put him so far away from the water in the fountain, but I guess I shouldn't be an art critic.

There wasn't much going on around there today. 
Mama and I walked down Main Street and I even stopped traffic!  Well, Mama says the stop lights did that; but whatever.

Time to go home, it's past my nap time.


  1. It looks like a pretty great day out to me! I am sure that it was you that stopped traffic, too!


  2. Don't let your mom fool you. It was definitely you that stopped the traffic. Glad you got to get out-and-about.

  3. You'd stop the traffic anywhere darlin'! I'm not sure it was entirely wise to stand so close to that deer's rear end though... Deccy x

  4. Well look at you Miss Veil - don't you look a picture in your pink collar and necklace.
    We have one of those bronze deers on a roundabout near us (you know those things in the middle of English roads that you drive around) we will have to get a photo of it some time.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  5. Trips to City Hall are fun and all, but nap time is a serious issue :)

  6. Ah, some play time Miss Veil! Looks like you had a great outing with your Momma, too! I'm sure you did stop the traffic, it just so happens that the light turned red at that time too! LOL!

  7. I think it was you that stopped the traffic. You are beautiful! Sounds like a fun day out!

  8. I thought the statue was of Beryl until I saw it was a deer:)

    Yes, Miss Veil, I have no doubt it was you who stopped the traffic, it was a mere coincidence the light turned red just at that point in time! You're looking extra pretty in your matching ensemble:)