Saturday, 19 November 2011

Worry Wort

I was invited to join a group on Flicker called Daily Dog Challenge.  Where you are given an "assignment" for a daily photo of your dog and I have to say it is a lot of fun.  Todays assignment was an action shot.  I've seen some beautiful photos of dogs running and having a grand time (see Bunny at Tales and Tails and Zoe at Dogs Rock! and many others) but this is where I get, shall I say, paranoid.  I don't know how it happened, but I seem to be turning into one of those over-protective "mothers" that I always made fun of.  I can come  up with any number of reasons throughout the day, why they can't go for a run in the back yard.  I know some of them are reasonable - like they just ate or they are going to eat soon - but when the list starts to grow to:
Too many leaves
Too wet
Too cold
Need their nails cut first
Have to find a bumper to put around the well cap
Maybe we should put foam around the deck supports
Have to check for twigs
and so on;

Of course, these are all things that could be taken care of in short order, until I come up with something else to worry about.  I think I need to lighten up and let them do what they love. 

I think some of it comes from Beckett having a limp every so often, but he really loves to run and here is proof that I used to be a much more fun "Mom".


  1. It's good when we can do, what we do best! Deccy x

  2. If our yard were fenced, Bunny would be running out there every day! I know what you mean about worrying, though. Last January, Blueberry broke her toe while she was out running, and it was hard for me to let her go again in the spring, but she's a lot more careful now. Actually, I wish she would run just a little, but she seems to have become very cautious, too. That and she doesn't like running on acorns...

  3. The action shots are awesome. I am a worrier too, about lumps and limps mostly. I really don't like that particular trait about myself. :)