Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Fun Police

Miss Veil here today...
Apparently it is not OK for me to be the "fun police".  I thought I was being pro-active, trying to keep Beckett in line.  Sometimes he can get a little rowdy with his playtime and I was only thinking about his safety ** ha ha**;  Mama said I was not the warden and if I nipped him again, the trusty pink basket muzzle may appear.  He's such a mama's boy, I hardly touched him.  But I got the memo so I will try to hold off on policing his fun.


  1. Oh, Miss Veil! I SO feel your pain! Imagine ME being corrected for telling the puppy that the paws stay off the princess. It's an outrage!

    Does your pink basket muzzle have "Princess" on it in real rhinestones, too?


  2. ooo yeah you don't want to have to wear that muzzle, Ms Veil... then you will have to resort to headbutting, and that is most unladylike!

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  4. Look at that face.. like butter wouldn't melt. Hehe! Deccy x

  5. Is it possible you were framed, Veil? You have such an innocent expression I don't think you could even think of nipping Beckett let alone actually do it!

  6. Bunny - all I can say is teach him while he's young and small and you might have better luck with your brother than me. And no, my muzzle doesn't say anything, although my Mom threatened to write something on it, but it wasn't "princess"!

    Jet - sometimes it's fun not to be ladylike too!

    oh Deccy, you flatter me!

    Greyhounds Can Sit - I would like to say I was framed but I was caught mid-nip!

  7. I can't imagine such a sweet face causing any trouble. :-)