Monday, 1 August 2011

The Murder of Mr. Hedgehog

The crime scene

The culprit

yeah, I did it.
 In my defence, he was trying to take my blanket... and don't worry, the death announcement was premature. Mama did surgery on him and gave him (and all the stuffies) a bath.  It will take me days to get them all stinky again.


  1. Love it! So many toys lose their stuffing at our house too. What a good mom to do surgery on Mr. Hedgehog. :)

  2. Veil, I never would have pegged you for a stuffie killer! I have a little hedgehog just like that, but I keep it hidden so Mo can't attack it and do damage to it. I still say pink flatters you! At least your mom doesn't have a mugshot photo of you that she trots out at times like these!


  3. Bunny, I don't normally ruin toys but that hedgehog had it coming. Maddy brought him with her from prison and Mama never wanted me playing with him 'cause he was special. Maybe I was searching for contraband...

  4. That's Great!
    Kassa and Ricky met a Shepherd at a concert in the park the other weekend. The shepherd had a squeaky stuffy. It was shared with Kassa. I warned the shepherd's mom that Kassa could take that apart. "Oh don't worry, If my shepherd can't hurt it, your greyhound wont be able to."... She was wrong...

  5. Veil, your Mum is so good to do surgery on the wounded hedgehog. I just throw stuffies out and go back to the op shop and get some more! But I guess he is special to Maddy so maybe you were just a bit jealous?