Sunday, 24 July 2011

Maddy's New Shirt

Hi, It's Veil again today!  Mama went to the pet store on Friday and came home with a new shirt for Maddy.  There was nothing for me in the bag. I check twice just to make sure.  Mama said it for Maddy's anxiety.  I was not impressed, I like new clothes too.

 Especially when she stood around showing it off.

Me: Come on Veil, you know Maddy gets upset sometimes and it's no fun for her...

Veil: You're not going get a smile out of me today, unless we take a drive to the pet boutique.


  1. Oh Veil, I know the feeling! We have a Thundershirt here, but I share it with Lilac. I really think I ought to have my own, but we use it for different reasons, so we don't need it at the same time. We have a new pooch boutique here by us, and I have to say that I really like that place! I think you should definitely hold our for a trip there.

    You're right, boiled chicken is delicious!


    P.S. I still love your polka dot collars!

  2. Maddy is looking very snazzy in her new Thundershirt and isn't she just the little madam showing off in front of you, Veil! Shame on your Mum for not getting you a pressie too:( Maybe next time it'll be your turn!