Thursday, 28 July 2011

Adventures in Daddy Sitting

So Mr. J has been on vacation this week and next week too.  My vacation was cancelled due to some changes at the office, "sigh".  Beckett, Veil and Maddy have been trying hard to keep him entertained while I'm at work.  Usually he is gone to work when we get up in the morning and I get home from work before him so they really aren't that used to him being around with them alone.   I guess today Veil decided it would be a good day to get the tummy troubles that only grass-eating can fix, in her opinion, and then proceeded to make a production of gagging and hurling it up. 

Mr. J - Veil, eating that is gonna make you puke you know.
Veil - Of course I know, why do you think I'm eating it...?
Mr. J - Well at least do it outside, please.
Veil - We will see, sometimes it makes me feel better if I do it on the carpet.

Then he took Beckett out to have a pee.

Mr. J. - Beckett, your foot, buddy, you're peeing all over it!
Beckett - Whaatt?  I thought the grass was just wet...
Mr. J - Didn't you notice it was warm and just that one foot?
Beckett - Mama never calls me out on that, we just pretend it didn't happen and move on.

and in the midst of it, Maddy decided she might be getting anxious...

Mr. J - Maddy, do you want your thundershirt on?
Maddy - Do you know how to do it?
Mr. J - It's a shirt with velcro, I think I can figure it out.
Maddy - I think a few treats and some carrots would fix me right up, instead. You get the treats and I'll stand here looking miserable while you feed them to me.

I would still rather be home with them...


  1. I had to laugh when I read Beckett's conversation :) It's definitely a boy thing, Buford pees on his foot all the time too! My husband teases me because I always say their feet smell good - haha!

  2. Oh looks at Beckett's lovely short toe nails! How do you do that? Beryl's are like talons as I'm too scared to cut them in case I go too deep. Sounds like 'Daddy' is having lots of fun with the kids, lol. Or are they having fun with him;)

  3. Bwaaaaa ha ha ha! This didn't show up in my feed until today, but I love it! Oh, it's like living at my house, without the male dog peeing on things he shouldn't!

    I am becoming more and more convinced that somehow, some way, Bunny and Veil were separated at birth! It's just uncanny!

  4. Angela - I'm glad to hear Buford does it too! I thought Beckett was the only one...I can't imagine how he doesn't notice.

    Greyhounds Can Sit - I use a cordless dremel on their toenails, they don't mind it at all. Holy, I zoomed in on that picture of Beckett's toes - never noticed how bad the hardwood floor looked, one of the perks of having three dogs doing zoomies on it I guess.

    houndstooth - yes, I feel right at home reading your posts too. Maybe Veil and Bunny were taken from the farm and seperated since the two of them together would be more than anyone could handle, haha. Although it would be interesting to see them side by side, together they might make a plan to take over the world and turn everything pink.

  5. Beckett's conversation about his feet have made me wonder if maybe that's why my dog's feet smell. :) I'll have to watch more closely next time he goes!