Saturday, 18 June 2011

Look How Far We've Come

Beckett will be 6 Years old next Saturday. Sometimes I look at him and see the crazy puppy he must have been and sometimes I see the old man I hope he will become.  I often think how strange it is that our retired hounds all had a whole other life before they met us when I really can't even remember my life without them in it. 

Beckett, you can still pick'em up and lay'em down with the best of them!

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  1. Beckett, I bet you are still fast! I love to run, but I never did get to race. They decided I was too little after schooling and sent me to be adopted. I run those labs at the dog park and my German Shepherd sister into the ground, though!


  2. It was something to see the greyhounds race. Thanks for sharing!

    Dropping by on the blog hop today.That's what the world needs today - another talking cat - but it's cute! Stop by my blog to see a cat say "Let me in" at his owner's window.

  3. Hi Bunny, Nice to hear from you! My mom reads your blog to us all the time. You are quite a supermodel. I still love to run and I think my mom was scared the first time she saw me go, I was so fast.

  4. Hi Cherie, Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I have never seen a dog race. very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I wonder, does anyone ever get a greyhound for a pet as a puppy??? Does it ever happen??? Just curious.

  6. Hi 24 Paws - Thanks for stopping by! I have heard of people adopting "oops" puppies from the track or farms and there are akc and ckc registered greyhounds too. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have a litter of greyhound puppies in the house, LOL.