Sunday, 21 October 2012

Gotcha Girls!

Beckett here today to talk a little bit about my two sisters, Veil and Maddy.  Today is their "Gotcha Day"!

Now, I will start with Miss Veil...she was here first, even before me. Actually, as she tells it, the reason I am here is because she asked for a sibling.

So then I came into the picture.
If she was so lonely, why is she wearing a muzzle at our first meeting?

We went for walks together and got to know each other.

Veil discovered the art of looking sweet (notice I say "looking"). She can pretend, but I know different.

Then one day, after a couple years of enduring enjoying Veil's undivided attention, Mum told us we were going to have a foster sister for a little while til she found a forever home.  In my head, I said "sure, Mum...whatever you say..."  I knew I was in for double tag-team sisters.

Then there was three....

Three from behind.

Maddy likes to use me as a head rest.

More walks.

Backyard time (Muzzles required, as we get a little competitive.)

Looks angelic, right?

A bit of a show-off, with all her obedience training and stuff.

I guess I like having my sisters  but the only thing that would make it better is if they would let me join in some of their made-up games, like spin on the bed.  Mum says its cause I'm too big and a bit of a bull in a china shop.  Anyway,  happy Gotcha Day, Veil and Maddy!

Love your big brother, Beckett!