Monday, 27 February 2012

Growls in the Dark

Last night, as I was taking the hounds out for the last pee time before bed, I discovered where Maddy and I fall on the "fight or flight" reflex.  I take them out individually on a leash, in the fenced-in back yard so that they won't run, since they have a night-time snack before bed.  While out with Maddy, we were near the fence, close to the baby barn and all of a sudden there was loud growling and snarling coming from the trees behind the baby barn.  There is a small stream over there, and I could hear something running in the woods towards us. 

It was pitch dark out, just the lights from the patio.  The immediate thoughts that ran through my head (after "what the h%&* it that!) was how high is the fence now that the snow is piled up, did I shut the gate, and let's get the heck out of here!)  Maddy didn't seem phased by it, other than tail and ears up straight and a few louds barks, that said "this is my %*(%$# yard".  I never did see what it was, whatever it was never came into the light.  At the same time, I heard a ruckus in the house; Miss Veil had obviously heard something and was putting up a stink.  At the time, I didn't think much of it.  I just wanted Maddy to do her thing and go inside. So, after everyone had their snack and I got ready to go to bed, I went into the bedroom, which happens to be on the same side of the house as where all the excitement was, and Veil was on the bed, but not in her usual spot.  I said get over and she didn't budge, I patted the other side of the bed and immediately discovered why she was over there.  Apparently, she got a little too excited and not being able to see out any windows on that side of the house,  her bladder got the best of her.  I can't really fault her for that, since I probably came close to doing the same thing when I heard the noise outside!