Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The perfect colour Grey

Miss Veil here today...

So I heard Mama and Dad talking about maybe painting the house (well, more Mama talking and Dad pretending to be listening).  She asked what colour he thought he would prefer this time, since he has not been a fan of the mustard colour since the day it went on.  He said "grey"... now Mama should have just stopped there.  Instead, she said "well, what colour grey? Blue-grey? Green-Grey? Brownish-grey?" I could almost see his eyes glaze over and he looked back to the playoffs he was watching.

I thought, I'm a "grey"hound, so I said to Mama, you put down the paint chips, and I will pick the perfect colour grey.

So, after some quiet deliberation (also known as a nap), I picked one from these samples. 

Can you guess which one I picked?  It must be perfect, after all, it's named after me!