Sunday, 7 August 2011

Happy Campers!

This is Maddy, telling you about our adventure this weekend!
I didn't know what was going on yesterday when Mama started packing up stuff (including toys, treats and food).  To tell you the truth I was a little wary of the whole thing.   Beckett started sticking to her like glue and bouncing around so I figured it couldn't be all bad and Veil said she knew where we were going but she wouldn’t tell me.  It was a surprise!! 

We all loaded into the jeep and off we went.  We arrived at a place with lots of funny looking houses made of canvas and other ones with wheels.  Ours was the last one in the row and Mr. J was already there waiting for us.  There were lots of things to see and hear and smell.  Kids playing, dogs barking (not us of course - well maybe once or twice), steaks and hamburgers grilling!  Veil told me that she and Beckett stayed here all summer last year. 

Better than watching TV!
I watched Beckett and Veil hop up into the trailer and now I am just as good at it as they are.  When we got in, there was 3 brand new dog beds for us.  I picked the one where you can see out the screen door and watch what’s happening.  Veil called “dibs” on another bed.  She did get to sleep there too, but just like home she had to share it.
This is where I'm sleeping!

Beckett and Veil had a good place to watch from too.

Next time I hope it doesn't rain so we can get outside more but all in all I enjoyed myself and I didn't even need my thundershirt once! 

I was happy to get home though and ran right in and checked out the house to make sure everything was where I left it.  Now I need a sleep...