Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nanny's House

Today Beckett and I went for a visit to my mom and dad's house.  Beckett seemed very happy to get some special time away at his Nanny and Papa's.  It is about an hour's drive away and he was such a good boy in the jeep.

This was the spot he picked to sit, where he could watch the traffic and people walking on the sidewalk.  My parents live on a busy street so there is always lots of activity outside.  Beckett never barks, he just likes to see what's going on.  This was Mom's dog, Daisy's favourite spot to sit too.  I thought it might have been a little sad for my Mom to see Beckett laying there like that.  It's been a month now since Daisy left us and I know it's still very hard for her.

Beckett did manage to get a laugh out of them though.   I noticed him listening to the sound of the shower going, while my father was in there.  I didn't think much of it until as soon as Dad came out into the living room, Beckett jumped up and ran down the hall.  Then I said "where did you leave your towel", just as Beckett came prancing into the room with it, dropped it on the rug and proceeded to rub himself all over with the towel, just like he does at home.  I still don't know how he knew where to go to find that towel.