Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Golden Girl

Dear Daisy;

Tuff and Holly sent me a message to pass on to you, from the Rainbow Bridge.  They wanted me to let you know that they would be waiting for you, just on the other side, tonight, after you say good-bye to Mom and Dad.  So don’t worry, they have been there for a while now and will show you the way.

Tuff wants to share his favourite peanut butter treats with you, because you won’t be allergic any more. Holly is going to show you where the best swimming hole is and where the never-ending game of fetch is played because your breathing won’t be laboured and your legs won’t be weak; you will be able to swim and run for as long as you want. 

The time from puppyhood to old age passes all too quickly but I know you had the very best life any dog could want, because we have the same Mom and Dad. They loved you very much.    We will all miss you here, Miss Daisy, but now you can bark loud, run fast, play hard and eat plenty to pass the time until we all meet again. 

Your “Sister” Angela