Thursday, 28 June 2012

Birthday Boy!

 Oh Beckett...but the birthday hat is a tradition.

Beckett:  Some traditions are meant to be given up, and I'm ending this one right now.  Cake and presents are still on the agenda though, right?

OK, how about an imaginary hat and then some imaginary cake and presents?

Beckett:  All right, you win Mama, let's go with the real thing.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Ready to Go?

 Maddy:  OK everyone, if we want to go camping, we might have to take things into our own paws...

 Are you up for it Veil?

 Beckett you back the truck up, I'll guide you.   Wait... where did those other two go...

So maybe after nap time? Summer's wasting you know!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Last Weekend

 Miss Veil went to town last weekend for her outing, but Beckett and Maddy preferred to go to the Rotary Park. 

 Beckett checked out the velodrome but there were no bikers on it that day.

No dogs allowed close to the ponds, what's up with that.  Maybe licking your lips while watching the ducks is not the best idea.

When we were driving out of the park, we saw a man walking a greyhound in.  Maddy got so excited when she saw the other greyhound, that I almost turned around and went back in.  I controlled myself though, since I didn't want to seem too much like a crazy person. 

Can we come back again next weekend?

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hound in the City

Hi Everyone!  Veil here to tell you about my trip to City Hall today. 

After I "christened" the lawn in front of City Hall, I met this guy hanging out by the fountain.  First I thought they had a greyhound sculpture but upon further inspection, the tail just doesn't seem right.

Not sure why they put him so far away from the water in the fountain, but I guess I shouldn't be an art critic.

There wasn't much going on around there today. 
Mama and I walked down Main Street and I even stopped traffic!  Well, Mama says the stop lights did that; but whatever.

Time to go home, it's past my nap time.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

All work and no play...

All work and no play has made this blog a pretty boring place lately.  Something exciting had better happen this weekend or I think I might have an uprising of the hounds on my hands.

I did manage to find time to get dog food this week, and when I was there I got these name tags made.  They put my cell number on the back for me. 

  Beckett  and Maddy are not sure they like the new arrangement of keeping the food in the bag and then putting the bag in the bin... they says it makes it harder to steal a mouthful or two.

Beckett:  OK, I've hardly seen you all week... now close the lid on that thing and let's go do something fun!

I guess I've gotten my orders, I hope everyone has a great weekend planned.


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